I think I must be in love………….

I love this thing!

I love this thing!

You're not having it back!

You’re not having it back!

In April this year I am 4 years old. And it has taken this long for my human to get me some cat nip! Not any old catnip, you know! Genuine North American catnip! And I love it.

Well, in the past she has bought me some little mouse toys, supposedly infused with cat nip, but they never really did anything for me. I think the North American stuff is the real deal, and I’m so glad she found it for me. I just go potty over it, and drool and dribble until I am worn out.

It's mine, it's mine!

It’s mine, it’s mine!


Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!


Phew, I think I need a bit of a lie down now!


Milo’s Sunday Selfie

I'm not sure I've got the hang of this yet.....

I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of this yet…..

I thought I’d give the Sunday Selfie a go.

It's all a bit too exhausting really.........

It’s all a bit too exhausting really………



Perhaps I@ll wake up and find it was all a dream....

Perhaps I’ll wake up and find it was all a dream….

No, it's not a dream..............

No, it’s not a dream…………..

No it’s not a dream, here I am outside the kitchen window, waiting to be let in again. I look a bit cheesed off, don’t I? Good job it’s tuna for tea.

Mouse count results, did you do better than me?


One mouse? Not enough for me.


The results for the number of mice that I caught in 2014 are in! I caught 90 mice over 12 months! These are the ones that Mum knows about. There were a few more that I had round at the neighbours house!
My busiest month was March with 11, and the least busy was January, 2. The average mouse count is 7.5 per month.This is OK, you can have 0.5 of a mouse, as my Mum will testify. I often leave her 0.5 of a mouse, usually the back end. She’s not terribly impressed with any of it actually.

If you are a hunter like me and catch mice, let me know if you can do better. I shall be out again in the New Year, keeping the neighbourhood safe from the pesky little beasties.

You’d better watch it next year, I’ll be after you!

Meanwhile, a Happy New Year to you all!

Season’s Greetings to all my readers!

Love from Milo. xx

Love from Milo. xx

I was sent in here to check it was empty!

I was sent in here to check it was empty!



I love you all!

I love you all!

I’d like to wish all of you who read my blog, and who comment on it a very Happy Christmas. Thanks to you all I have made new friends and had a lot of fun.



I shall not be doing much over Xmas. Just the usual, sleeping, eating, sleeping and eating, with the occasional brisk trot when I’m mouse hunting.

So I hope you all have a happy peaceful time.
Love from Milo. xx

Milo’s letter to Santa

I'd like one of these.........

I’d like one of these………

All I want for Christmas is a cat flap!

And one of these, without the cat……….

I quite like snow

I quite like snow

I'm chasing little snow balls!

I’m chasing little snow balls!

Dear Santa,
I hope it is not too late to write to you with my Christmas list. I know I have not been the best behaved boy cat. In the summer I can’t help myself catching little fluffy things. But I am better behaved in the winter. I restrict myself to the occasional mousey, which apparently humans don’t mind so much. I have to say, it’s all a bit confusing for me.

So here’s my list;
I love cardboard boxes, any size will do.
Cat treats, especially those beginning with ‘D’. Not the cheap supermarket own brand, ugh!
Tinned tuna, everyday if possible
Lots of tickles under my chin, on my neck and and on my head
Two breakfasts every day
That cat toy I see advertised on TV, with those two cats chasing round something under a blanket. They never seem to catch it, I bet I could!
Lots of little balls to play with. I have loads but they always seem to end up under chairs and sofas
Some snow would be nice

And last of all, but most important to me, a cat flap. This is so I can be independent and come and go as I like, any time of the day or night. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Before I go I also would like to ask that all homeless kitties, where ever they are, whatever their age or colour, be given a warm loving home for the rest of their lives.
Dear Santa, please make this happen, and I promise to be good next year.
Love from Milo. xxx


Caterwauling human upsets cat………..

Make it stop. Please make it stop!

Make it stop. Please make it stop!


He was caterwauling too!

Yes, they were making a din too

Yes, they were making a din as well


I don’t like the television. I don’t take much notice of it usually, except if there is a nature programme with birds or mice on it. I did watch a bit of Grumpy Cat the other night, but I thought it was a bit daft, so I nodded off.
But a few nights ago I was tormented by my human ‘singing’ to something called Coldplay. She wouldn’t stop!
What a racket, it went on for ages. I had to go out in the end, I couldn’t stand it any more. Well, she had to stop the din and let me out, ha ha! I can sing better than that.

Intruder Alert! : Santa’s Sitting on the Fence

What the......?

What the……?

Who the.........?

Who the………?

Feeling better now?

Feeling better now? Or just a little deflated

As dawn broke this morning it became obvious that someone in a red suit and hat was trying to break into my garden over the fence. It hadn’t worked; he looked somewhat deflated. We rescued him, we thought we ought to, and told him he was a few days early.

After a lie down, a mince pie and (another) glass of sherry he was soon on his way again.

Funny thing, though, no sign of any reindeer……..
Strange days indeed.

Important Scientific Breakthrough: The Cat’s Brain


I'm putting on my cute and appealing face

I’m putting on my cute and appealing face

I’m loathe to admit it, but this chart pretty much describes little old me! Click on the picture and it will get larger.

All I want for Christmas is a cat flap!

All I want for Christmas is a cat flap!

Just in case Santa Claws reads my blog, here is a photo of a cat flap, Santy, and I’m trying to be a good boy!

The tea cosy pose

Through the window glass

Through the window glass: what are you looking at?

Good game, good game!

Good game, good game!

Tea cosy pose number 2

Tea cosy pose number 2

This photo is of me, through the kitchen window, in what is called ‘the tea cosy pose.’ It’s a yoga pose you might not have heard of. I can also do ‘the cat’ and ‘the dog’ poses.

I’ve got a new game. In the past I sat on the wheely bins as a signal to Mum that I wanted to come inside. (No cat flap, remember?). Now it’s winter, I sit there because it’s a good vantage point to look round the neighbourhood, and is also warmer on my bottom. I can sit there for ages, and sometimes I nod off for a bit. Mum still thinks I want to come inside, so she keeps calling me at the kitchen and garden doors. And I just sit there! Ha ha. It’s driving her bonkers! If I keep at it long enough, who knows, there might be a cat flap for Christmas!

Someone’s watching me!

Someone to watch over me

Someone to watch over me

Sometimes when I’m asleep I get the feeling I’m being watched. It’s not unpleasant, I’m just aware of it. It’s nice to know I’m being looked after.